Wildlife photography of a Grizzly Bear sitting in a meadow of blooming Arrowleaf wildflowers

A Grizzly Bear sits serenely in a vast field of Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers. Grizzly Bears are one of the least predictable apex predators, and as placid as this bear appears, it had chased a Black Bear with two cubs up a tree just moments before. 

Large and sometimes aggressive, these legendary creatures are both the monster and the spirit of the Northern Rockies. As John Murray wrote in his book, The Great Bear, “Those who have packed far up into grizzly country know that the presence of even one grizzly on the land elevates the mountains, deepens the canyons, chills the winds, brightens the stars, darkens the forest, and quickens the pulse of all who enter it. They know that when a bear dies, something sacred in every living thing interconnected with that realm…also dies.”