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One of my great passions is guiding photography workshops in the wild. Over long, hard, intense days, you’ll be inspired and driven to master your photographic craft. Honestly, you might need a vacation after one of these workshops, but you’ll return home enriched and rewarded with new photographic skills and incredible wilderness experiences. I’d love to have you join us!

Learn With Me

I developed and personally teach an Adobe photography course called Foolproof Digital Workflow, designed to take the headache out of photography file management. Sign up and take it at your own pace from the comfort of home via Zoom. 

  • Upload, organize, archive and easily access all your images
  • Quickly optimize your images to look fantastic online or in print
  • Create and use custom templates and custom presets
  • Assign and manage metadata across your entire collection
  • Migrate images from Aperture, iPhoto and more
  • Organize and manage smartphone uploads